Our Services.


We provide a wide variety of services at affordable prices. A list of our services can be found below.

PC/Laptop Diagnostics

This service includes diagnosing issues with your computer and potentially speeding up your computer with our support.

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PC Hardware Guidance

This service includes providing you sales advice for a PC/Laptop helping you purchase the correct machine or parts for your intended use of the machine.

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Home Tech Installations

This service could vary between extending wifi coverage in your household or even setting up devices such as a Printer, home sound system or Smart Device. 

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PC Building/Repairs

For a very affordable price, we will build your own custom PC based on your budget within 1-2 weeks. For physical work to be done on a machine, we will send a courier out to collect the machine.

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Software Guidance/Support 

This service includes assisting you in setting up the correct software for your needs and guiding you into purchasing the appropriate product.

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Warranty Callout Service

This service is to provide priority support to customers with future product difficulties.

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